About the book

Let's Talk About Modern Art Book Photo

It all started with my college thesis project…

I “finished” the book (and graduated!) but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it, so my brain kept churning and churning until one day I decided to sit down and start re-working it. Self-publishing isn’t easy, but I wanted to be able to market, distribute, and provide the best quality material I could to you all, so here it is!

Let’s Talk About Modern Art is a children’s book all about, you guessed it, modern art. I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by art, and being allowed to pursue it, even into college. It has shaped me to be the person I am today and the artist I am growing into.

I believe every kid should be able to experience the joys of art. Not only art, but music, theatre, science– everything that sparks creativity. I hope that this book is the start of a new wave of little creative minds and artful spirits!